General Information

Beautiful Minds preschool is a Dual Medium Preschool (English & Afrikaans), which provides high quality learning facilities and services for children aged 3 months to 5 years.

We also have an BM College a IMPAQ home-school support Centre. In our centre we provide educational support from Grade R – Grade 7.

All correspondence and progress reports will only be done in English.


  • To establish a feeling of respect and love as well as an appreciation for the languages.
  • To develop the skills listening (receptive) and speaking (expressive)
  • To develop the ability to communicate effectively with confidence and the necessary politeness in English and Afrikaans.
  • To increase the child’s vocabulary, promote language purity, pronunciation and pay attention to language enrichment.
  • Cultivate a love and respect for books as well as an interest in reading
  • To stimulate his imagination and to guide him to use the language in a creative manner

Our curriculum includes:

  • Gross Motor Development
  • Fine Motor Development
  • Art and Crafts
  • Language and Mathematics
  • Music
  • Science

Our extra-murals include:

  • Clamber Club
  • Play ball
  • Computers
  • Soccer Starz
  • Manner for Miners
  • Ballet
  • Swimming
  • Little Actors
  • Music for little ones
  • Junior Science

School Fees

Fees structure 2019:

                                              Full day                   Half day (Child to be collected at 14:00)
Winnie The Pooh class:      R2850                        R2650
Tweety Birds:                        R2850                       R2650
Mickey Mouse:                     R2750                        R2550
Nemo Class:                          R2750                        R2550
Minion Class:                       R2750                         R2550
IMPAK Grade R:                 R2250                         R2050
IMPAK Grade 1-3:              R2250                         R1850 (No after care)

Registration fee (Once off) Non-refundable: R600 per child or R1000 for 2 children


  • 10% discount if yearly fees are paid in full by 28 February 2019
  • 5% discount if yearly fees are paid in full after 1 March 2019
  • R250 discount if you provide ALL your own meals to your child (Only if allergic or for Religious reasons)
  • R100 discount per child, if you have 2 or more children (of the same family) enrolled in Beautiful Minds Preschool
  • R50 discount per month if you pay your school fees before the 28th of month. Please note that this will only be given if the fees reflect in our bank account before or on the 28th of the month. In doing so you can save an additional R600 per year on school fees.

Please take note:

  • School fees does not include educational shows and outings. These special outings, visit or walk-in activities will be communicated when the need arises and your consent obtained prior.
  • A bring along list is attached where the child must bring items as indicated in the beginning of every term. If the items are not brought a fee of R400 will be added onto that month’s fees in order for us to buy the required items.
  • The pre-school might on occasion have fund-raisers and we urge your support.
  • School fees (which are calculated annually by the school) are paid monthly in advance for 12 months.
  • November is not a notice month. December’s fees cover a full calendar month.
  • School Fees are payable electronically on or before month end. E.g. September school fees must be paid by 30 August 2018.
  • School fees will increase annually, in January regardless of when you enrol your child.
  • Registration fee is non-refundable if a booked place in the school is cancelled after registration, no exceptions.
  • A Yearly re-enrolment fee will be charged end of October
  • School fees are payable in full and are not refundable, even if the child does not attend school for whatever reason.
  • Admission to the school may be denied if school fees are not paid in full.

Pre-School Hours

Mondays to Fridays

  • Half-Day: 06:30 – 14:00
  • Full-Day: 06:30 – 17:30 (late collection without penalty till 18:00)
  • The preschool is closed on weekends and public holidays and occasionally on school holidays falling in between a public holiday.
  • The preschool close for the Christmas Holidays on the 15th of December annually, unless the 15th falls on a weekend then we will close on the Friday before the 15th. We will reopen more or less the first Wednesday after the new year. The specific dates will be published annually on the school’s Year Planner
  • The preschool is open for all other school holidays, all meals included.
  • No children will be received before 6:30 in the mornings.
  • All children must be left with a member of staff on arrival please and always tell a staff-member
    when collecting your child.
  • Children may only be collected by a responsible adult, as arranged with the preschool before collection. Should a 3rd-party need to collect the child at any time, please sms/whatsapp/email the preschool (0836531323). Your child will not be allowed to leave the school with a 3rd-party if this consent has not been submitted to the preschool before collection.
  • Please try and send your child to school every day as they will benefit greatly from the stimulating programme we offer.

Late Collection

  • Penalty fee of R40 per 10 minutes will be charged for late collection of your child (from 18:05). Should you be later than 30 minutes to collect your child, a penalty fee of R150 will be charged.  If you have not informed us by 17:00. Please sms/whatsapp Poppie (0834810391) only.
  • Late collections charges will be dealt with according to merit and only real emergencies will be accommodated.
  • Please note that the staff members on duty also need to rest after a long work day at school.
  • The late collection book must always be signed if you collect your child after 17:40. No exceptions regardless if you notified the school or not.

Communication Channels

It is important for us to be able to communicate with parents. We make use of SMS/whatsapp or emails. Please make sure that we always have the correct contact information. Communication via e-mail, guarantees that you do receive all documents, newsletters, notifications and statements, so please provide us with your e-mail address should you have one. Hardcopies of the above will also be provided.


  • Parents will receive a newsletter regularly.
  • Please read all documents and send all necessary information back.
  • A yearly program will be available every year at the end of February.

Parents evenings

  • Parents meetings will be held once a year when progress reports are given.
  • Additional parents meetings can also be arrange when the parents need to discuss a special situation with the teacher.
  • Parents meetings will be made by appointment only or as arranged with the teacher.

Parents involvement

  • Parents are encouraged to get involved with functions.
  • Motivate your child at home and show interest in the work he/she has done to promote a positive self-esteem.
  • Please support our fundraising opportunities.


The following meals and snacks are offered:

Breakfast: 07:45 – 08:00 (Mielie-meal or oats)

We will not be able to wait for every child that comes late. Breakfast MUST be done by 8:00 so that we can start the educational program. Should you know you will not be able to be in time for breakfast please give your child something to eat at home.

Snacks: 10:00 (Sandwiches, Rooibos tea, tea or juice)


11:30 – Winnies the pooh up to Smart Stars
12:00 – Happy Hoppers & Little Explorers
13:00 – Grade R – 3

As per menu on the notice board – menu may change without prior notice

Snacks: 15:00 (Sandwiches, Fruit, Rooibos tea, tea or juice)


  • Birthdays are a very special occasion in a child’s life.
  • Please make prior arrangements with your child’s teacher if you would like to have a party at school.
  • Please avoid being too lavish.
  • STAFF MEMBERS BIRTHDAYS: Please make an effort to treat a staff member on her birthday as they will appreciate it.

General Information

  • Reports will go out twice a year, in the 2nd as well as the 4th term. Children who do not attend school regularly cannot expect to receive a progress report.
  • Please treat your Child’s hair with lice preventative spray regularly.
  • Please inform the school if your child will not attend.
  • No snacks/toys from home are allowed at school please.
  • No toys/money are allowed to be brought to school, except when the teacher has asked for something to be brought or when the object has a direct relation to the theme being presented at that time.
  • The preschool’s day-programme starts at 08:15. Please do not come late, your child misses out on very important educational aspects and it disrupts the class and lesson that are being given.
  • If you would like to collect your child early, please make arrangements with the preschool.
  • During school holidays there will be an informal holiday programme. If will be communicated during every holiday.
  • If you discover any of the preschool’s property at home, please return these items.
  • Children are under constant supervision and we cultivate good manners and kindness to others as priority.
  • All items that get lost at school will be kept until they are identified and claimed.
  • Please keep your pick-up and drop-off brief, as some children tend to get emotional and parking is limited.
  • Please feel free to make an appointment to discuss your child as your child is very important to us.


  • A notice period of one calendar month must be given should your child leave the school.
  • You will be liable to pay a full month’s school fees if you do not give a calendar months’ notice before your child leaves the school.
  • Notice also needs to be given should your child be moving from the full-day to the half-day school option.
  • NOVEMBER will not be seen as a notice month. Therefore October or December can be seen as your notice month.
  • Please notify the school if there is any change in the child’s circumstances.
  • Should your child visit any therapist, please make sure that a copy of the report is available to the school.
  • Please notify the school should any personal details change, such as contact details, address details or medical details.

Security and Parking

  • Please take note that should you drop off or collect your child, please keep in mind that other parents also need to use the PARKING AREA.
  • Park so that others can also make use of the parking area. Go in and out quickly.
  • Undercover parking is for STAFF ONLY. If a staff member is already parked, you may park behind them, please do not park in front of the staff parkings even if it empty.
  • If the area inside is full please park outside.
  • Gates operate with access control, please only enter and exit one vehicle at a time as the gate closes after 20 seconds. Use of the parking area is at own risk.
  • Please always close the small gate behind you and make sure that the gate is magnetically locked and secure. Do not allow anyone into the school please.
  • Kindly drive slowly when entering and exiting the parking area on our premises.
  • Please hold your child’s hand when walking to and from the pre-school. No children unattended in parking area please.
  • DO NOT let children run around in the parking.


All precautionary measures are taken to ensure the safety of your child.

The school and all its staff members do not take any responsibility for:

  • Any damage due to bodily injury or death of your child.
  • Any loss or damage to any personal property of you or your child’s.
  • An employee, acting on behalf of the school, in the event of an accident, will not be held responsible personally nor for any costs, should any 3rd party claim arise.
  • The parking and drive through areas are used at your own risk. The school and staff members do not take any responsibility for incidents or any damage.

Medical Information


  • Staff members will not be held liable for the administering of medicine unless it is marked clearly and written into the medicine file.
  • Staff will only administer medication prescribed by a Doctor (thus no vitamins etc.)
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to ask for the medicine before taking your child home.
  • Information to be noted clearly in the medicine file includes: date, description of meds, time of administration, dose and signature.
  • We do have a minor incident book at school and all known bumps and scrapes will be written in this book which must please be signed on the date of the incident. Please bear in mind that they are children and can get injuries at school however we do take every precaution for them not to get bumps and bruises.
  • It is also very important to inform us as well as record any incidents from home in this book in the mornings.
  • Should your child go for his/her immunisations we do recommend that you observe your child for at least 12 hours afterwards – if not possible and you would like to return your child to school afterwards, the school may contact you to collect your child if anything arises after the immunisation.
  • By signing the registration form, parents give permission for Beautiful Minds Preschool or one of the staff members to decide on medical treatment, should one or both parents be unreachable. Even if it has financial implications to the parents. The following instances apply:
    • Obtaining medical assistance or services.
    • Transporting your child to a place where medical assistance and/or services are available as well as during outings.
    • Permission to give any medicine as prescribed by a medical doctor.
    • Giving permission for anaesthetics.
  • We request that no child be sent to school that has any contagious disease, this includes yellow thick mucus.
  • No child will be admitted back to school without a doctor’s letter, stating that the illness is no longer contagious and that no other child will be affected negatively by the illness.
  • In the event of a head injury, bee sting or fever of 38 degrees and above parents will be contacted and asked to collect their child from school.
  • In the event of a fever at home, please keep your child at home. Your child needs to have had his fever broken for 24 hours before returning to school, this is without medication supressing the fever. Please do not send your child to school if he or she has Conjunctivitis with a puny discharge or “pink eyes”. Your child may return to school up to 24 hours after treatment has started and no discharge is present. In the event of a puny discharge being noticed at school, parents will be contacted and asked to collect the child.
  • No child with head lice or nits will be allowed to attend school, as it may contaminate other children.
  • A child will be sent home from school should head lice or nits be found on them.

If your child is sent to school with stitches or a major wound, Beautiful Minds Preschool cannot take responsibility for the wound should it open up or get worse.